Monday, February 7, 2011


This morning at 5:30 a.m. it was 26 degrees outside.

Two weeks ago, that would have been horrible.

This morning, it was almost a relief.

Everything is relative, isn't it?

Friday, February 4, 2011


1. This blog IS for my entertainment and developing of writing skills, phrasing, illustrations, and increasing the likelihood of spelling a word such as exemplary without having to revert to a thesaurus to get a word close enough to exemplary that I can actually find exemplary in a dictionary.

2. This blog IS NOT for constant and anxious checking of the stats to see if anyone else might actually have glanced at my blog, noting down the time and location, and fantasying about old high school nemeses grinding their teeth at my brilliant posts.

3. This blog IS for reflection, contemplation, arranging of thoughts, beliefs and concepts.

4. This blog IS NOT to be viewed as a potential source of income by allowing crass advertising companies to take over.

5. This blog IS for future development to an increased audience, and if somehow on the way we share the spotlight with some potential grass-roots movements with admirable goals and the ability to support us in a manner to which we would like to become accustomed, so be it.

6. This blog IS NOT for the posterity to learn more about doodling old Grandma Wilt's illiterate and confused scribblings (in fact, I would be pleased and honored if the first thing done following my death is the total and complete destruction of all my computer files - especially Hope/Documents/Self/Mutterings/CCM.)

7. This blog IS to be used for entertainment purposes only. The information and images on this site are not to be used as advice in any medical action, legal proceedings, or government overthrows, and are not representational of any and all actions to be undertaken by a legally sane individual.
Okay, I feel better now. Do you?