Friday, December 31, 2010


In one hour and two minutes, it will be 2011 (Mountain Daylight Savings Time).

And I just don't like that.

Not the new year - the number 2011. I don't like odd numbers (except 13 - I love 13) - and the number eleven is even extra odd.
In the Arabian calendar, it's 1433. So that's not good either.

It's the end of the Year of the Tiger - that sounds cool. But it's the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit - nah.

So I think we each name this year. Whatever
 is meaningful to us.

So this is going to be the Year of Living Courageously.

For me.


It doesn’t take much to send some people over the edge.

For me, it’s when people ask what kind of cookie you want - as if there is anything besides chocolate-chip cookies.

Someone I know has an almost psychotic response if you hold your hand up to him in a “stop” motion - I still don’t know entirely why.

(No, forget the ‘almost’ - it is completely psychotic)

But there is something that no one ever likes to hear - “You are wrong”

It has taken me decades to accept the pure and simple fact that no one ever changes their mind by simply being told, “You’re wrong.”

There is a very natural human reaction when you are hit to hit back - probably one of the reasons Christ mentioned turning the other cheek, because it takes a very conscious effort to not retaliate.

I have a poster of a cartoon character completely losing it -- just to remind me how people will punch back emotionally (and sometimes physically) if they feel threatened -- even if you don’t mean it as anything like a menace.

And there must be someone in the world who can hear, “You’re wrong” and calmly and politely answer, “Why, if you say so, I must be wrong.”

But I haven’t met them.


Monday, December 27, 2010


The media campaign continues to trump the message that youth is beauty - beauty is youth.

Immense amounts of money are spent on lotions, creams, dyes, tighteners, exercises, even surgery to eliminate those horrible horrible things such as grey hair, wrinkles, drooping parts of anatomy.

One of the funniest, at least from my point of view, are the 'wonder'bras and breast 'enhacement' surgeries - yeah, you're 115 lbs., but somehow you also have  boobs that would make Dolly Parton jealous?

And young women in particular, do you honestly want to appeal to the most infantile part of a guy who was bottle-fed as a baby?!?

And the most discouraging thing? WE WOMEN GO ALONG WITH THIS.

We put on the creams, we inflate the wrinkles and the bras, we dye our hair, we wear tight clothing, high heels and bright red lipstick.

And we look critically at other women's make-up, fake eyelashes, breast enhancement, and tight clothing, while they look down their noses at ours.
I'm sorry - I've never been pretty, and I know that have been beyond tom-boyish from sheer rebellion. I had a mother who wanted a pretty, feminine little girl - but she got me. So I refused to wear dresses - nylons - make-up for years and years and years - so part of this scorn

So women - why in the world aren't we out there supporting, helping and building each other up instead of being competitive and tearing each other down?

Come on girls - let's stop worrying about pleasing the men, the fashion critics, and helping a lot of people make money off of us - let's work together, and let's spend our paychecks on real things - like clean water and food for people all over the world.


Sunday, December 26, 2010


I'm teaching a lesson about communication today, so it got me thinking.

Used to be that telegrams meant only one thing:
A death.

That was the method of notification - at the time, it was fast, efficient and reliable.

I honestly don't know how death notifications are done now - phone call? An officer of the law showing up at your doorstep? Do they just send you an email, and hope that you are on the Internet?

I know with the military, it's always done personally, and I LOVE the logic of the 'how' (care of the all-knowing, all-powerful wikipedia):

For military notifications, there are usually three persons involved: the notifying officer, a medic (in case the family member faints), and an officer that stays in the car in case the family members react violently.

So why does the officer stay in the car; so he doesn't get hurt? So he can drive quickly away and abandon the other two? So he can simply witness the murder of the notifying officer and the medic?


Sorry - perhaps a bit of a morbid attitude, but it makes me giggle (note: take a look at the name of this blog).

Friday, December 24, 2010


It's Christmas Eve Eve, right?

And everybody is in a rush - they are going someplace to visit family or in-laws, they've bought into the American media fantasy of having the perfect meal, with the perfect presents while wearing the perfect clothing and trimming the perfect tree.

They need to get to the mall - to the grocery store - to the pharmacy - someplace.

And it is absolutely CRITICAL that they get there FASTER than you do.

So if that entails that you go through a red light, when it's only just turned red - it's actually sort of a light orange, really - well, yeah, that's okay, because you have to get there right now.

And it absolutely means that YOU get that parking space before I do. It doesn't matter if it's an elderly lady trying to pull in there - you may be a young man with an elevated red pick-up with NASCAR stickers all down the sides, but damn it, he has to get into that mall before you do.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Yes, 'tis the season for sharing, giving, and caring -- as long as it doesn't have to be on the roadway.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I would like to have a time machine.

But not to go back in time -  I have watched enough sci-fi through the years to believe that I will go back to my childhood, accidentally step on a cockroach in 1961, and come back to 2011 to find that we have a black president but Republicans the majority and people still arguing about whether gays should be in the military... oh, wait, that already is today, isn't it?!

I'm be only interested in going ahead to the future.

Think of it - I would know when Wall Street finally and completely collapses - I could see when Wal-Mart takes over Apple - there may even be a day when leather moccasins come back into fashion (yeah, like that's ever going to happen).

And yes, I will bring back the small pill that guarantees we will all be size 6, never have grey hair, maintain erections for four to five days, and stay at age 24 years of age until the day we die.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Okay, how do these compare to an hour working out in the gym?

- Taking a twenty-nine year old to a doctor's appointment where she breaks into noisy hysterics about the possibility of perhaps the doctor actually do a physical examination.

- Fighting approximately 1,322 people, 46 infants, and three adults in motorized scooters at Target who were all frantically searching five days before Christmas for the perfect present for both their mother-in-law, the neighbor who picks up your newspaper when you're on vacation, and their children's teachers.

- Walking a frantic greyhound twice today, each time with her straining and trying to keep up with an equally frenetic chocolate Labrador who is chasing imaginary rabbits everywhere.

- Unloading approximately 675 lbs. of alfalfa hay and stacking it into piles between old hay and 50 lbs. sacks of senior equine feed already in the shed.

- Moving each and every single piece of clothing I hang up out of my closet, separating and re-hanging on three rods instead of two.

Yeah, I agree - maybe two hours at the very least.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


We all do it. We see someone, and almost immediately our brain attaches a label to that face - "fat", "old", "ugly", "stupid".

And even when we get to know the actual person who owns that face, and may discover that some of those stamped classifications we so quickly put on are completely invalid...

They stick. Like labels do.

Yesterday, I was having a great deal of trouble watching a group of well-dressed teenagers scornfully glance over their shoulders at my disabled, seriously overweight daughter attempting to complete an on-line job application.

Then I realized what I was doing.

 Just the same thing these girls were doing - putting a label on them just as they were putting one on my daughter.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The fire department is great about a whole lot of things.

They put out fires - they get people to the hospital - they rescue kitties out of trees..

And in some areas, they even make nice calendars.

They also take care of rattlesnakes that refuse to leave the neighborhood, even when asked politely.

So I knew who to call when the female Western Diamondback who had moved in right under the faucet for the horses tank flatly refused my offer of relocation to the other side of the propane tank.

So two very polite young firefighters (sidebar: why do all professionals keep getting younger and younger every year I get older?) came out, picked up and dropped Ms. Rattlesnake into a can, and look her far, far away to a happy place where snakes live with rainbows and little bunnies to eat ... at least, that's what they told me.

(These are actually photos from my cool little iPhone - isn't she pretty?

And even better, now living somewhere else?)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I can no longer make fun of my dog, Sofi.

Sofi reminds me of Goofy. Her tail can cause serious damage to concrete. Her cold, wet nose is guaranteed to make contact with whatever part of warm skin you would most like to keep dry.

She has a rather disjointed run - a little bit like her fronts legs are at a trot, but her back legs are at a gallop. And she needs constant reassurance that she is loved - to the point where she will chase the greyhound and the cat away when they are trying to get my attention.

But late this afternoon, she alerted me to a rattlesnake, which was just where I would have stepped on it if she had not freaked out at it. 
Suddenly she does not seem that silly of a dog.