Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The fire department is great about a whole lot of things.

They put out fires - they get people to the hospital - they rescue kitties out of trees..

And in some areas, they even make nice calendars.

They also take care of rattlesnakes that refuse to leave the neighborhood, even when asked politely.

So I knew who to call when the female Western Diamondback who had moved in right under the faucet for the horses tank flatly refused my offer of relocation to the other side of the propane tank.

So two very polite young firefighters (sidebar: why do all professionals keep getting younger and younger every year I get older?) came out, picked up and dropped Ms. Rattlesnake into a can, and look her far, far away to a happy place where snakes live with rainbows and little bunnies to eat ... at least, that's what they told me.

(These are actually photos from my cool little iPhone - isn't she pretty?

And even better, now living somewhere else?)