Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Quoting the ultimate authority on the Internet (Wikipedia, of course):

"Getting the last word means that you win the debate. It also shows your moral superiority, and willingness to stand your ground. "

Unfortunately, I live with someone who takes this expression literally; namely, it is whoever vocalizes/says the last word, even if it's "okay" or "alright" or "let's drop this discussion, please."


However, I did have fifty (count 'em, fifty) teenagers, covered in mud, soaking wet and freezing in a brisk cold wind, sing me "Happy Birthday" completely out of tune, rhyming and even lyrics (half were singing "Happy Happy Birthday" from the Primary songbook, 30% the traditional "Happy Birthday" and a few odd ones jumped into their very punkish rendition of "Auld Lange Syne" (I have no idea if that's how you spell it - somebody get hold of that Clark guy who always host the New Years Eve show at Times Square).

"Sometimes we spend so much time staring at the closed door we fail to notice happiness tugging on our shirt tail."


Harmony said...

I'm so glad mud football went "well" (you know what I mean)

The little quote with Kate's picture is making me choke up--I'm turning into as big a boob as YOU are. :-)