Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm trying to get more on the ball about completing projects that have laid around the house for, oh, let's admit it, several decades, instead of wasting hours playing spider solitaire.

It would be nice to hire a personal trainer/nag/wife who would keep me on track and highly motivated without me murdering him/her in the process, but it would even be nicer to simply have enough self-control to take hold of myself occasionally and give myself a good shake and acknowledge how much time flitters away during my day.

However, I have been a great employee in past years. When I am getting paid, I stay busy, I stay overtime, I get everything caught up, I do the stupid jobs that no one likes doing, as well as creating and updating forms and computer data and re-organizing the entire paper flow to make it more efficient.

I earn my money.

So today, I tried 'clocking in' with a schedule, hour by hour, of the things that need to get caught up, the stupid jobs that I don't like doing, and then re-create and re-direct some of this useless spider solitaire energy.

It worked. I studied my scriptures, I did a little TINY bit of meditation (one of those 'what-a-great-idea-and-I-never-do-it'), I brushed the horses, I painted the trim of the 435 bulletin boards that I have collected over the years, and I even drove into town to have a 'talk' with my second daughter.

So - let's see if it works tomorrow.

And right now I am going to waste at least 45 minutes playing spider solitaire.