Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am a little afraid of pain-killers. No, let's be honest - I am TERRIFIED of 'serious' pain-killers.

For one thing, my father insisted for years that pain was simply your body's way of saying "Something is WRONG here," and if you take something to knock out that signal, you are missing something IMPORTANT (of course, this is before he got on morphine the last two years of his life).

The other main concern is that my mom for years was addicted to prescription medications. She worked for various doctors and medical practices, and kept all those little samples the drug reps give out. Mom also, I assume, took advantage of a few misplaced prescriptions. She took pills to get up in the morning, and pills in the afternoon to keep going, and pills to help her relax in the evening, and pills to let her sleep at night (well, I take a pill to go to sleep at night NOW, so I guess that was acceptable).

But I have an almost four hour flight this weekend to Portland, and then a four to five hour drive to get where I am going - and a crunched and upset little nerve between vertebrae two and vertebrae three and gives me NO problem at all... until I have to sit down for longer than fifteen minutes.

Wait a minute, that nerve is trying to TELL me something, right? An apology, do you think - maybe flowers? Okay... maybe not flowers... chocolate? Always works for me.

But the doctor writes me this wonderful prescription this morning with (trumpet fanfare) CODEINE - and now I'm terrified to take it. Well, not terrified enough not to try 1/2 a pill when the script is actually for 2 pills every three hours. And I didn't get too extremely loopy - maybe just a little bit silly - and it did take care of the pain.

So maybe just for the flight? Whadda ya think? Okay, I'll make you a deal , since I am so afraid of getting addicted to ANYthing like this, I'll report back when I get home on Tuesday, okay?



Jen said...

Back pain is no fun AT ALL- especially with hours of sitting in uncomfortable plane seats and rental cars. I say go for the drugs (well, maybe not in the rental car!) And maybe one of those stick-on heat patches? I messed up my back wonderfully not too long ago (I tend to move furniture between floors when no-one els is home. Not smart) and those things helped a little.
I understand about the drug thing- I know I have an addictive personality (I think my not drinking is less because of religion and more because I would probably be a lovely drunk!) and I LOVE codeine, so I tend to be pretty careful when given a prescription. And I am sensitive to pain meds, too- a whole pill makes me get all loony, and then sleep for 10 hours.
So what was my point? Pain- BAD, some drugs- GOOD... and have a fun vacation!!

Just Hope said...

So NOW I know where Harmony acquired her habit of moving furniture upstairs by herself!

Thank you for the med advice.