Thursday, June 26, 2008


That whole Noah and the ark story never shows up in desert lore. I mean, sure, we get thunderstorms, and I've seen some rainbows.

But in this part of the country, when rainclouds actually let loose and DROP the rain, it dries up on the trip down (wow, that sounds kinda weird, doesn't it?) and never actually touches the ground.

I mean, down here we call it MOISTURE, not rain. We pray for "moisture to come" - nothing like "rain to fall" like you people who live in areas with green areas that are not even irrigated or part of a golf course.

So tonight I took the dogs outside, not paying any attention to the weather because, hey, I live in southern Arizona, and it usually is, wow, let's see, warm and DRY. Both dogs bolted outside, as they normally do, and faster than lightening, bolted right back IN.

Because there was WATER falling from the SKY. H2O.

Can I sell tickets for this?