Tuesday, July 22, 2008


- Made it to the gym and felt pretty good about my workout (at least until I noted that the woman next to me on the elliptical trainer had ALSO done twenty minutes on the cycle and then ALSO twenty minutes on the rower)

- Got to watch the most incredible sunset while driving straight west into Tucson.

- Memorized the lyrics to "Come What May" from the soundtrack of "Moulin Rouge"... after listening to it repeatedly for most of the drive from Sierra Vista to Tucson.

- Was extremely patient and positive with my daughter.... until 8:46 p.m.

- Was given directions to a pretty nice hotel, and got a room for good price.

- Found a Cold Stone Creamery a block away from the afore-mentioned hotel, and got to them just as they were closing for the night.

- Missed the four plus inches of rain that fell in Pima County today.

- Am sleeping in my own bed tonight

- Didn't get much sleep.
- Ate way too much chocolate.
- Spent $65 that wasn't in the budget for the hotel room
- Wasn't very patient with anyone after 8:46 p.m.
- Probably won't be back to normal until a good night's sleep tonight (keep your fingers crossed for me).


Harmony said...

But you had a WONDERFUL night's sleep! I know, I talked to you.

Good job on the elipitical (am sure that just might be spelled wrong) machine today! The fact that you were there AT ALL counts. Double. Triple. Go eat some ice cream.

Can I say publicly how stinking proud of am of you for taking Joy up there? I talked to her for .342 seconds I was ready to snap her neck. And the eat ice cream. (just seemed to flow there)