Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I feel incredibly behind on life overall. I can go literally months without noticing all the half-finished/barely-begun/why-is-this-still-even-in-existence projects, and then suddenly one day they are ALL jumping up and down shouting "HEY! When are you gonna finish ME?! I'm right here!! NOW! NOW"

This afternoon is was the hay shed - still uncovered still with only three completed walls, and absolutely plastered end-to-end with slimy bits of mixed hay and drowned senior horse nuggets from our current monsoon season (sidebar here: the Arizona concept of a 'monsoon' is a little bit different from the rest of the world, but it is when we get the majority of our 7-10 inches of rainfall each year - yes, each YEAR).

So I shoveled, raked, pushed and swept it all as clear as I could, and haphazardly (my favorite work style - quick and dirty) covered it all with a large(r) tarp, tied down with random bits of hay twine (I don't think I'm cheap, it's just already available, and the stuff NEVER breaks).
Welcome, billowing huge blue sail, scaring both horses and all local wildlife out of their senses, which will probably blow off during the night and I will go out in the morning to MORE soaked hay!


Jen said...

Yuck. Old wet hay is not fun. Nasty moldy alfalfa smell is permanently stuck in my brain. Also- random bits of hay twine was the #1 "toy" of my childhood. I don't think we ever did anything that didn't involve hay twine while I was growing up. We onced tied some Barbies to the back of my dad's truck with hay twine & he commuted with those suckers attached to the trailer hitch for a very long time. He must have got some interesting looks.

If you need any volunteers to assist in your "Arizona Equine Monsoon Shelter Relief Program" I am there. I have my own hammer & everything.