Friday, August 22, 2008


1) Person #1 has a great affection for Dog #1

2) Person #1 has left Dog #1 in care and keeping of Person #2, who also is responsible for Dog #2, Cat #1, and Horses #1 and #2.

3) While in the care of Person #2, Dog #1 is kicked in the face by either Horse #1 or Horse #2 (actual incident was not witnessed).

4) Person #2 staunches blood flow, administers pain relievers (after consulting Dog #1 breed specialist by phone), and overlooks blood stains on t-shirt, couch, carpet and two towels.

5) Person #1 returns shortly afterwards, and remarkably does not immediately head out to shoot Horse #1 and/or Horse#2.

I feel extremely bad about this. The greyhound has been streaking right next to the horses for weeks, and this was just an accident waiting to happen. But I also can't blame whichever one of the horses for striking out.

Anybody know how to remove dog blood from all the aforementioned household items?


nikki said...

oh my - what a day! don't know if this is still an issue - try Hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains - pour some on and it should bubble out, then dab with towel. Don't put too much on at a time since it is the couch and carpet. repeat if necessary. once most of it is out use a towel to softly scrub any more out with a little water. Good luck.