Monday, August 4, 2008


"Swooning" is what Scarlett O'Hara did before she went through the Civil War and got toughened up.

Swooning is 1. to be overwhelmed by happiness, excitement, adoration, or infatuation 2. fall in faint: to experience a sudden and usually brief loss of consciousness [13th century. Shortening of aswoon.

It lends an elegant and very feminine swoosh (1. make or move with rushing sound: to make or move with the rushing or swirling sound of fast-moving water, or make something move with such a sound [Mid-19th century. An imitation of the sound])

Can you tell yet that I just LOVE dictionaries?

But unfortunately, I do not swoon. I don't even faint. I pass out.

And I just fall flat either on my face or my butt. If I fall on my face, I generally either get a bloody or broken nose (by my own calculations, I think my nose has been broken something like eight times now - only once surgically).

Today? Twice. Once at the gym - thank goodness I was on a machine that I could grab hold of and keep myself from falling. Once at home- slumped (which is one of the most unromantic words in the English language) over the stand-alone-freezer and so didn't completely fall down.

It's not that uncommon for me - I have unusually low blood pressure. Great for my heart, but lousy for remaining upright at times.

And you think by now I would KNOW that I can't stand up suddenly, right?!


Jen said...

Are you sure all this passing out is really being caused by low blood pressure, or is it really that all the OXYGEN in your general area has been sucked out of the air by idiot LOCAL CHURCH LEADERS gasping about that Obama book?

(See? I said it bugs me a little.)

(And also, I am probably going to be hit by lightening sometime soon. I was once called to repentance by a bishop for eating coffee-flavored ice cream, though, and managed to escape electrocution- even though I STILL EAT IT! HA!)

One more thing- twice in one day? Maybe a call to the doctor wouldn't be a bad idea, says the neurotic works-in-the-ER part of me.