Friday, September 12, 2008


My oldest child turns 29 years old today, which means 29 years ago today I was trying to figure out why my huge stomach was tightening every 20 minutes.

Birthdays are cute when you are little, fun when you're a little bit older, become meaningful as you reach certain societal landmarks, sobering as you approach adulthood, and perhaps, if you let them, a bit emotional as you get older and older.

I love the way that hobbits' birthday celebrations are described by JRR Tolkein; presents are given away by the celebrant. not the guests, and presents can be given again and again (early efforts in recycling, I assume). Presents are nice, but I don't like giving (or receiving) meaningless ones. My husband used to get me flowers and something 'nice' (i.e. something I would never wear and which would already have it's tags all removed so I couldn't return it) until I finally convinced him that I was never going to insulted by cash.
So - what did you do for your last birthday?


Lisa said...

Hope!! I found you! I saw your comment on my mom's blog, and here ya are! Hmmmm . . . as for my last birthday- I took my kids to playgroup as usual, and my wonderful friends had a cake and card for me. Then Andrew took me out to Chili's! Can't complain.

Mormor said...

My last birthday I celebrated by going to work, going for radiation for my breast cancer, then going home and having a nice evening out with my hubbie! Hi Hope! I like your blog. ALOHA!!!

Harmony said...

For my last birthday I hung out with some smooth young men (who sat on my lap while they cried during a play) saw the LOST crew and had an awesome babysitter who ate cake with me when I got home from my luau date. Perfect.