Sunday, October 5, 2008


This was posted on this blog as a thought question:

Indulge me for a second and consider this scenario:

Let's say you're given the opportunity to donate some money to a desperate family who would use it to feed their children

But you were only able to do so if you donated the same amount of money to someone you knew would use it to buy crack.

Would you do it?

I am pleased to report that the grand majority of the replies were yes, they would donate the money to the family.

However, this was one person's response:

I already donate to poor people - the government takes that from me via taxes. You know, the money tat goes to all those government programs that the bleeding heart liberals feel we need.You can take the crack addict out of the equation, I still wouldn't donate to the poor family.

(and yes, the misspelling is in the original)

Will you forgive me for getting on my soap-box again?

Leaving politics and name-calling and the government completely out of this, I have to say only ONE thing:

This person has never been and has never seen her children hungry. I mean, REAL hunger; not where a meal would be nice, or doesn't that sound good, oh, I'm just so hungry - but there is NOTHING, really NOTHING in your cupboard and your children are crying and you would do just about ANYTHING to feed them.

I've never been starving. But I have lived not knowing where my next meal was coming from. And I cannot imagine coping with that if my children were involved.

Thank you. I feel much better.