Monday, November 24, 2008


So many expressions have lately been stretched so far beyond their original meaning that the initial implication is long dead and gone. Tonight on a commercial, they used the tag of "age-old dilemma" to talk about "where are we going to eat tonight?"

Geesch. Age-old. Yeah.
Perhaps "WHAT are we going to eat tonight?," or even "ARE we going to eat tonight?"

But I did learn something. Did you know that word dilemma actually means "a situation in which somebody must choose one of two or more unsatisfactory alternatives"? I didn't know that.

But back to an 'age-old' dilemma - I have had one. Well, maybe not 'age-old', but for the past 53 years. Okay, maybe the past 40 - I didn't wear much make-up when I was a toddler, just a little blush. And some mascara, but only on first dates.

But I have always been unhappy with lipstick. I can use chapstick, I can use Vaseline, but I get anything with a little bit of color - it's either too red, too pink, too SOMEthing that turns it into clown paint on my lips.

And this weekend, I may have found the solution.

You know that lipstick they advertise as "semi-permanent" (which in our insatiable need for instant gratification translates into "more than thirty minutes")? I, completely on a whim (and the fact that it was marked down to $1.29 on a Target end-cap), purchased some "semi-permanent" lipstick in
a mildly favorable tint, and (of course, if you know me at all) did almost the exact opposite of what the instructions read.


So... should I share this incredible secret? Should I hold it for ransom? See how many (okay, all four of you who read this blog regularly) will beg and plead for it?

Yeah, I agree. Who would care that much. And I am naturally a caring, giving individual who loves to share. So here it is:

Put it on the night before.

Yup, and by morning, at least on ME, it has faded slightly, and definitelyy becomes a more, how should we say, reserved tone, and although it adds color, it's incredible SUBTLE, which is what I need in my make-up and almost never experience in my life (entire other story there).
Any charitable donations in response to my generosity will be accepted, and I thank you in advance.


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