Friday, November 7, 2008


Okay, come clean, all four of you (that's an extremely optimistic count of the number of readers of this blog... including myself). Now that we know Annette buys pens, I buy notebooks, what else do we have?

I freely admit to... Sharpie pens. ESPECIALLY multiple packs with every color of the rainbow. And multiple purchases of multiple packs!

(and it's obvious I am not the only addict - man, it's great to know there are others, isn't it?)

Desk file supplies. And not files with actual papers inside a nice big cabinets, but things where you put other things in some vague but creative and/or colorful organized fashion to keep right on your desk to take up more room that normal people would keep clean so they could work.

Car organizers. Now this one I pretty much have under control - because I drive a truck, and there simply isn't a whole lot of room (especially when you provide rides for 280 lb. adults as well as purchase horse feed in bulk when it's raining and you can't put it in the back) - but man, do I still drool over them at Pep Boys.

Finally - horse stuff. I have two saddles, when I ride one horse about every other week. I have probably eight halters, and up to ten lead ropes of all colors. I have every grooming item that can be bought - and I have two incredibly dusty, dirty and tangled mane/tail animals that never get groomed - and only occasionally get hosed down by me,

Okay, now it's your turn.