Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Before I married a political-science major in 1978, I had never voted. I was, if this is at all possible, a political atheist. Meaning that I didn't believe in politicians.

I mean, they existed, they were people... sorta. But they were figureheads who took money from lobbyists, who got it from rich people, and voted the way the money told them to. I didn't believe they listened to the people who voted them into office, so I never voted.

But, then as I mentioned, I married a poly-sci FANATIC. Not interested in politics, but LIVING politics, textbooks, theory, education, as an avid, rabid, dead-dog Democrat, by the way. Much the way he is now about terrorism.

So I began voting, under pressure. But have been more than a bit of a fatalist about it. When I vote, the person loses. I mean, just like that. Didn't seem to matter if it was local, state, or national election - just if I voted for 'em, that sealed it, they lost.

Wanna see?

Gerald Ford (he's from Michigan, and really got screwed getting the job of President - Spiro, Nixon, etc)

Jimmy Carter (but only the second time, don't tell my husband, okay? I couldn't take his accent the first time around)

Al Gore (damn Florida voting machines, otherwise he would have nailed it)

Also didn't help that so many times my vote and my husband's vote cancelled each other out, but that's a whole other story.

But guess what. My guy won tonight. My guy.
So now we're gonna have a left-handed Hawaiian guy with a GREAT smile.
I'm proud to be an American tonight.


Lisa said...

I was never much into voting either- but I also married a poly-sci major! So I did vote this time. I'm pretty impressed with how many people got out and voted.

Mormor said...

Congratulations on picking a winner!