Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Every year we all do it. We swear we are going to do our Christmas shopping throughout the year, take advantage of sale prices, get it wrapped up nice and pretty and hidden away - and then (in theory) Christmas eve we can sit by the fire, drinking our eggnog (which is the most disgusting stuff in the universe - does anyone honestly like eggnog... I mean, without any alcohol?) and then at our leisure put the presents out of hiding and under the tree.

Nope, we all wait until the last minute, hit the engorged malls and department stores, join the irritable mob and stand impatiently in the check-out line to pay inflated prices to minimum wage clerks who are as bad a mood as you are.

And then, since you forgot to get wrapping paper, you end up stopping at the local five and dime (anyone out there remember when they were called five and dime stores? now there must be debit and visa stores) and paying an embarrassingly exaggerated sum for a roll of colorful gift wrap which you do not discover is half the amount of what you assumed until you get all the way home.

Where you realize you are completely out of tape, and end up being extremely inventive with masking tape and chewed gum.

But don't feel bad - it's the American way.


Lisa said...

Hey, speak for yourself! I had my shopping, wrapping and cards done in July.

Um, I'm kidding. We are lucky to have it done by the 25th.

And yes, eggnog is nasty!