Thursday, January 1, 2009


I don't like flying. I'm not scared of flying, I just don't like it.

The seats keep getting smaller as my butt gets wider, the amenities one by one are being taken away (you used to get a meal on almost ANY flight... not that you necessarily would wanna eat it, but you could get one), and the only place you get a movie anymore without going international (actually, you get TWO) is flying to Hawaii

Plus I have a not-quite-pinched nerve in my back (slightly- tweaked-nerve?) that generally does not cooperate when I sit for extended periods of time. And the flight time to Hawaii is seven hours going and six and a half hours coming back (wind resistance).

So I end up standing in the back with the flight attendants and scaring off people who need to use the restrooms - they see me on my feet, assume there is a line, and go back to their seat. I probably cause more passengers to race to terminal restrooms the moment the plane lands than anyone in history. Especially after a seven hour flight and multiple fluids.
But back to not liking to fly. Like I said, I'm not scared of it, but I have a daughter who is TERRIFIED of flying - her flying, me flying, anyone flying.
No, it's not Harmony, you sillies. Harmony isn't scared of ANYthing... well, actually, she is scared of a couple of things but I am not going to list them publicly.

But Joy is literally freaking out because her brother flies back to college early tomorrow morning, and I leave Sunday for (how did you guess it?) Hawaii again.
But hey, this time I am going for a REASON, not just for FUN. I am going for a JOB... involving my grandchildren. But it is a SERIOUS task - honestly.
Anyone have any suggestions for combating something that is purely and solely emotionally fed and intellectually illogical?
And yes, she is already on medication to just deal with daily life.
But really, any ideas? Besides locking her up in a padded room until I get back home?