Sunday, February 8, 2009


I am leaving Hawaii early tomorrow morning and am being forced to deal with many conflicting emotions. I will leave it to you, dear reader, to determine which category each of the following should be placed in:

- I am leaving the company of the two most intelligent, beautiful and mischief-making children in the world.
- The aforementioned children have caused my normal blood pressure reading of 118/65 to run regularly to 190/133.

- I am leaving the island of Oahu, the community of Ewa Beach, and community of Honolulu.
- I am leaving humid temperatures than normally run around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
- I am returning to a winter of an arid 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and down in the 20's at night.

- I am leaving the pristine island beaches of Ko'olina just a 20 minute drive from my daughter's house.
- I have actually been to the pristine island beaches of Ko'olina just once in the month I've been here.

- I leave well educated in the pluses of membership with Costco, especially when living in an incredible expensive environment such as Oahu.
- I am returning to a locale where the nearest Costco is over two hours away in Tucson.

- I am leaving Wow Wow Wuggzy, Crash Van de Coupe, Blues Clues, and 23 repetitions of Itsby Bitsy Spider every evening.
- I am leaving diapers. In particular, dirty diapers.

- I am leaving having a DVR to record any show I miss, tune into late or just don't have time to watch right then.
- I am leaving my daughter, who is my favorite person to watch "The Office", "Desperate Housewives", "Project Runway"... in fact, just about any television show with.

- I am leaving huge, front-loading brand-new washer & dryer mounted on the accompanying albeit expensive pedestal so it is a reasonable height for an adult to load and unload, which is normally loaded with five extra large white bath towel, two sets of children's pajamas, three pairs of jeans, fourteen socks that have no match and keep getting thrown into the washer in the vain hope that somehow the missing socks will materialize from the thin air they have been hiding in for the past two weeks.
- I am returning to a huge, front-load washer which is not on a pedestal, and a regular old dryer which is normally loaded with my latest pair of filthy jeans, 13 dirty white socks, and a hand towel that was used to mop up all the water which Delilah spills on the floor every time she gets a drink.

- I am leaving a household which literally stops if a certain young lady does not have her pink and brown polka-dotted flannel blanket when it's time for her to go to bed.
- I am leaving a bed right next to my grandson's bed which, if I go to bed any later than his 8 p.m. bedtime, is normally occupied by my grandson, forcing me to literally roll him over three times to get him back on his bed.
- I am returning to a bed which is for me alone, and has my required five pillows (head, 2 for my shoulders, knees and to brace my back).

- I am leaving my daughter who still had six stitches in her right shoulder and is still in pain.
- I am leaving limited access to the Internet.
- I am leaving driving my grandson to and from kindergarten.
- I am leaving having a grocery store, drug store, Starbucks, Subway and TCBY within five minutes of the house.

I am trying to focus on the positive reasons to leave and go back home - and I am having trouble with it.


Harmony said...

Hmmm, I can think of some things that didn't make the list--like SUPER fast internet and an unlimited supply of blog fodder (is that even the right word?)

Also, there are some of these that I can't tell whether they're good or bad!! We'll miss you either way!

(Oh woman--I have 14 stitches!! Let's get it straight!) ;-)

Lisa said...

Wow, that does make for some mixed feelings. I guess it's good that one place isn't ALL pros, the other ALL cons, right?