Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today I have two and a half hours to kill in town between doctor's appointments and getting my hair done.

And all my normal resources for this free time somehow aren't appropriate, for reasons as follows:

- Going to the gym -- don't have a towel, and the gym does not provide them

- Getting a extra large double-chocolate frappucinoe (I am guessing at the spelling here) at Starbucks -- don't have a good book with me to read

- Taking a nap at my daughter's apartment in town --her cleaning standards, low enough to begin with, have crashed and I just KNOW I would end up cleaning, bitching about it, and not getting a nap.

- Taken possession of the local Cold Stone Creamery and holding hostages -- two days ago we had a SWAT team show up in Sierra Vista to kick out a disgruntled motel guest who wouldn't take eviction nicely (he racked up a shotgun when the constable showed him the legal papers for him to leave), and they are probably rested enough now (the SWAT team, not the motel guy) to show up if I try to take over an ice cream store.

So I had to take the road to the warm, quiet public library and talk the sweet little old lady librarian into letting us the Internet computers for an hour.

And once again, am going to be totally frustrated whenever I finally get home and have to deal with my normal slow dial-up modem -- this baby is FAST.


Harmony said...

Ha! Ha! You said "bitching" Ha! Ha!