Friday, February 20, 2009


I am the antiphrasis (the opposite) of fashion. My entire life has been a fight against the fashion police - my mom, my older sisters, and (I don't what I did in a previous life to warrant this, but it musta big something BIG) my oldest daughter.

Somehow I was born with the idea that clothing is to cover our nakedness and keep us warm if and when necessary. And to me, blue jeans, a tee shirt, sweatshirt and shoes is enough to deal with that.
And I have to assume that there ARE women out there who purchase things like this.
If this is a way to stimulate the economy... well, I'm not playing.

Now, office supplies - now with THOSE I can go completely overboard with. I have never met a file folder that I love. There is no such thing as too many paper clips. Hand me a storage box; my knees are weak.

Something like this - Lord, take me now, my life is complete.


Harmony said...

If "fashion" is what those women on the right are wearing, then count me out for fashion too! Holy cow, those are hideous!

Yum, office supplies. I'm drooling too!

Lisa said...

Right there with ya. If my clothes fit and happen to be clean- woo hoo! That's about as good as it gets for me.

But office supplies?? Can't get enough!