Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My husband forwarded me a column today regarding heterosexuals' violent response against gay rights/marriage/simply acknowledgement.

So this blog is asking, why the hostility?

Homosexuality may be a sin (or may not be, depending on your personal view), they may or may not be entitled to the legal binding of marriage, etc. etc. etc.

But why in the world do we have to get so worked up on it?

An extramarital sexual relationship (i.e. 'affair') is a sin, but when was the last time (okay, forget about John Edwards) people where publicly denounced for it?

Sexually and emotionally abusing a family member is firmly trounced, but why are there no news laws and/or legislation being introduced to stop it?

My grandson's kindergarten teacher may very well be a vegan, a Marxist and/or a lesbian - why should I care?

The profanity, the hurling of insults, the sheer volume of anger that seems to normally accompany any stand, regardless of which side, about homosexuality... how can this be kind of treatment towards another human being in any way be justified?

Christ's teachings can be narrowed down to loving God, loving yourself and loving your neighbor.

How can people defend such fury from either side?

I can understand if I was being forced to participate in activities I find offensive or sinful.

But I expect to be able to live as I chose in the privacy of my own home if I am not intentionally injuring another. And I respectfully must allow that same privilege for others, even if their sexual activities are foreign to me.

Children, can you try to play nicely together?