Thursday, March 12, 2009


My husband is moving into a different office.

Same job, same building, same everything - just somebody higher up the food chain wanted his office , which is located next to the barber shop and across the hall from the cafeteria.

Personally, I believe someone with the odd combination of trichotillomania (hair compulsive behavior) and binge eating wants it for pure an simple convenience.
Anyway, I went over today for the first time in literally YEARS.

It's a half-hour drive (which, granted, my husband does twice every workday) on a military post. Which means I have to show my military identification three times, sign into the building, and then must be escorted.

And this is just to get to my husband's OLD office. Getting to his new office takes two ADDITIONAL security procedures to get into.

Which is why I don't go up there very often.

His new office has a door (a huge difference when the grand majority of employees are in huge low-ceilinged - if that isn't a word it should be - cubicle farms), and more impressive furniture (something with a credenza) and TWO big tables each with a glass covering

Although I've never understood the glass cover bit. The only reason I can see for that is a place to stick memos that you are supposed to refer to regularly. Or pictures your kids have drawn.

But I ohhed and ahhed the appropriate amount of time, met probably fifteen people whose names I am never going to remember, and allowed my sweet husband to escort me outside (since he had to walk me through the checkpoints AND sign me back out, it was almost on his way).

And as we were were walking across the ten acre parking lot, I happened to look up and saw some hawks. Well, admittedly, they have been large crows, but they weren't ACTING like crows, they were acting like hawks - and why am I making such a big deal about this?

Testing my husband's (admittedly) limited patience, I stood there and watched the two birds perform an intricate dance of flight for a good five minutes, using the brisk cool wind and their obviously familiarity for air travel to move in a perfect duet, gracefully, elegantly, and precisely mimicking each other's actions.

They never landed, never moved more than 20 to 30 feet in either direction the entire time I watched them.

One of those times I wished I had a video camera - or understood how to use my cell phone as one - it was beautiful.