Monday, April 6, 2009

A to B to C becomes Z

It's funny how images change. To me, for years and years and years, Germany was a scary nation of Nazis, beer and sausages - then it was home & two of my kids' birthplace (Joy, I do apologize for the fact that you are forced to put "Monchengladbach" on any sort of form asking for your place of birth).

Jim Wilson was a nice quiet guy I graduated with - then he was a movie producer with Kevin Costner (and suddenly was also much taller and better looking than I remembered).

And growing up in Los Angeles, Mexico was a quiet, picturesque and colorful land of serapes, tacos, and extremely poor people.

Now. living on the Arizona border for the past ten years, Mexico is the view from my windows. The landscape has changed little, but the actual border has progressed from a simple barbed wire fence to the "wall", as we refer to it down here.

But suddenly, via national news, Mexico is
an eruption of drug-related violence, weapons trade, mass murders and kidnappings.
Military support, international government officials meeting and people suddenly finding other vacation spots.

Now, somebody please explain to me how Jesus got translated into the Easter Bunny.


Annette said...

I remember Jim Wilson...he used to borrow pencils from me in French Class...Madame Fartwell.