Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Us baby boomers are getting old.

Well, l'll be polite and say we are getting oldER.

If you notice, there is increasing "aging" attitude is in a great big bunch of things. We are a huge demographic population, and not the easiest one to target .

So a lot of dancing around in the advertising is going on as they work on telling us what we what to hear, celebrate our age, and oh-by-the-way spend what we have not already lost on our retirement stocks, 401k and/or IRAs.

They are trying their best, poor things. But some of the ads - really.

Pepsi "Throwback" - going back to 60's flower-power flashbacks?

The hybrid ads with all the 60's and 70's tunes? But I guess classic rock and roll will be around forever - we have raised our children on it, and they are raising their children on it.

Commercials regarding erectile dysfunction? I am still shaking my head in disbelief that these things actually air - although I must admit I love the "Smiling Bob" ads.

The ads about Alzheimer's medications... I don't think that's aimed at my parents' generation, I think it is aimed at me.

Especially after the past two days.

Last night, one of the 12 year olds at church was taking about her grandfather who died in the Vietnam War. Her grandfather.

Translation - her grandfather was my age - I could be her grandmother...

...if I had married young and immediately had a child, and if my child then had married young and had a baby right away - thank goodness neither one of those occurred.

And today?

I painted a bedroom door, and then the door frame, very nicely coordinating shades of green which I had carefully selected for contrast.

And I felt pretty proud of my handiwork.

Until I hung the door back in place.

And realized I had painted the door and the frame the exact same color.

Okay, so where's that medication?