Friday, May 15, 2009


Arizona is where people used to move to when they had allergies.

This is no longer true.

Before cattle and/or ranchers moved into Arizona from Texas and New Mexico, an entirely different kind of landscape existed.

And it may have been horrible for allergy-sufferers back then; some day some prehistoric Native-American hieroglyphics may be uncovered that show figures sneezing and taking antihistamines.

(Sidebar here: saying "Native Americans" is extremely politically correct, but even Native Americans call themselves Indians, so it's kinda silly)

(Second sidebar: and who the heck decides what is prehistoric? If there is a record of some sort, then isn't it history, not pre-history? Who decides how far the date gets pushed back?)

Then the cattle brought in mesquite trees through their dung (gross, but true), and then ate the native grasslands out of existence.

Okay, now it becomes the "No-Allergy Land Of Retirees And People Who Can't Take The Humidity of Florida," and the city of Phoenix is born (I live almost as far as you can be from Phoenix and still be in the state of Arizona).

But then, as the P.W.C.T.T.H.O.F move in, they bring with them their favorite plants.

And plant them. And water them. And they GROW.

Hello again, pollen, spores and allergies.

I didn't have allergies until I moved here.

And for the past five or six years, I have been taking 1 -2 allergy prescriptions, nasal spray and OTC allergy meds.

Today, my doctor proved once again what a wonderful physician he is.

Instead of giving me another prescription, he gave me an injection.

And not JUST an injection, but a STRONG injection; his wording was "Let's just go right to the really good stuff."

He rocks.

Although now I have an injection site on one buttock, and a biopsy site on the other buttock (results already back - that pre-cancerous deal again).

I am typing this standing.


Lisa said...

We never had allergies until moving to TX . . . and then Andrew was hit like a ton of bricks. I'm not sure the flight docs love him as much as your doctor loves you.