Monday, June 8, 2009


I have been called gullible. I have been called naive. I have also been called stupid... but that's not part of this story (at least not yet).

But I assume that when people say something - or write it into a script - that they, at the very least, assume it is true.

Which is completely opposite my husband, who says, "I assume the person is lying to me, and take it from there."

So today I was SHOCKED. Completely SHOCKED.

"You've Got Mail," with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, is one of my favorite all time movies (defining 'favorite' as one of several hundred - think very broad here).

And you must understand, that with me, when I like something, I watch/read/experience whatever it is, again.

And again.

And again.

See, if I like it, I don't get bored by the repetition.

It also helps that I have almost no short-term memory. I never remember the end, so am surprised every time. (I'm not joking, folks)

However, I do memorize a lot of lines from all my 'favorite' movies.

One line from "You've Got Mail" which always puzzled me (defining 'puzzled' as actually dwelling on it for more than two nano-seconds) is one of Meg Ryan's which she is emailing out to "the cosmic universe" about a thought about a Joni Mitchell song, with the lyrics, "I wish I had a river I could skate away on."

And Meg Ryan/Kathleen Kennedy STATES in the script: "And the song isn't really about Christmas, but I was thinking about it tonight as I was decorating my tree and missing my mother so much that I couldn't breath."

Nice line.

But I am not enough of a Joni Mitchell fan to know all her songs, so I had no idea which song the she is referring to.


Tonight on Sirius radio (one of the best things invented in the past fourteen centuries - I love music with NO/NONE/NADA commercials), I HEARD THE SONG!! That exact song!!

And the song IS about Christmas!!!

Or read, I guess:
It's coming on Christmas,
They're cutting down trees,
They're putting up reindeer
And singing songs of joy and peace.
Oh I wish I had a river
I could skate away on.

How could the script editor / authenticity reader / HONESTY staffer NOT catch this?!?

I may never watch that movie again (sniff).


Lisa said...

As a Joni Mitchell fan, I have to respectfully disagree. I think the line in the movie is right- although the song refers to a Christmastime setting, it isn't really ABOUT Christmas. The song says "I'm so hard to handle/I'm selfish and I'm sad/ now I've gone and lost the best baby I ever had".

When I first heard it (age 15ish) I thought 'my baby' was some guy, but now I think the song is about the baby she gave up for adoption. She is missing her baby so much she can hardly breathe (hence connection to Meg Ryan's character). Another line says "I made my baby say goodbye".

The Christmas setting of the song just intensifies the loneliness she conveys. Is there anytime worse for missing someone?

Just my two cents.

Annette said...

I think you're right, Lisa. This is one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs and I remember hearing about her baby given up for adoption.

I've never seen this movie...

Sailing Past Maturity Straight into Senility said...

I stand corrected! Thanks, Lisa, for your additional insight.

And Annette, you gotta see it - rent it, they chop it up too much when they show it on television.