Monday, July 27, 2009


A Facebook acquaintance brought up the thought of moving his family to Europe for a couple of years.

Oh, I should add that HE would be going also, not JUST his family.

If I was in charge of the world, besides having mandatory afternoon naps and chocolate as one of the five major food groups, every high school age kid in the U.S. would have to live one full year outside of America.

Not necessarily in Ethiopia or Thailand, but someplace where you are no longer under the support of the United States.

We as Americans complain incessantly about the evil of our government, our politicians, our health care. Without stopping to notice on incredibly critical thing:

We CAN complain.

We can gripe, we can protest, we can print, we can put in on the Internet, we can carry signs, put bumper stickers on our cars, argue for hours with people who completely agree with us (we normally don't argue with people who DON'T agree with us because they are just idiots, right?).

Because we are Americans.

We don't stop to think that in many, many countries, we would be arrested - executed - thrown in jail without even the mockery of a trial - our family slaughtered - our possessions taken over - our home and property destroyed - for even a PEEP of a complaint about the government.

We scream about taxes - but we drive on maintained roads. Education is terrible - but our children can go to free public schools. Women are not paid as much as men - but we can work, vote, walk alone, drive a car, go shopping alone. Health care is a joke - but do you know anyone personally who has died from inadequate medical care?

Forget it just being high school kids, I think EVERYone should have to live for a year somewhere else.

-- In Saudi Arabia, simply because you are female, you may be charged with prostitution if caught socializing (i.e. talking) with any male other than your husband.

-- In El Salvador, many citizens are armed and shoot-outs are common, but as a visitor, you cannot carry a firearm.

-- In Burma, gatherings of more than five people are banned.

-- In Dijbouti, both TB and polio are prevalent.

-- In Zimabawe, the current life expectancy is 39.5 years.

I think sometimes we need to be more aware of how wonderful the U.S.A. is.