Saturday, July 11, 2009


It's refreshing to know people who are anything but mainstream.

Everyone has cell phones, cable or satellite television, cars, and computers (wow, there's a lot of "c"s in that sentence, aren't there?).

My aunt Sue and my mother-in-law, Sam, who remind me a great deal of each other, are two of those off-beat sort of individuals

Both always seem to be the ultimate small-town girls.

Both of them had a rotary phone until the phone company simple refused to process rotary dial any more.

I know Sue, at least, had a small black and white television with rabbit ears on top for years after color t.v. was available. And although Sam went color, I still think it's been non-digital until this last February.

Neither of them every learned to drive, or owned a car. I know that Sam has never owned a cell phone - and I just can't picture Sue with one.

And a computer? Come on.

But both of these women have always been very involved in the community - get everywhere by walking or the bus - and are just dear, sweet and chatty cuties.

They both survived - almost thrived - after divorce and death deprived them of their spouse (another sentence with a long series of unintentional consonants).

Although I know my mother-in-law is in excellent health, at least as of Sunday evening when I last spoke with her, I just found out this evening that my aunt Sue passed away yesterday - she was 91.

I'm going to miss her.


Annette said...

What a nice tribute! I am sorry to hear about her passing. It's nice to hear about the rotary dial phone...I kinda miss it sometimes...slows life down, especially if someone's phone number had nines or zeros in it! Did Sue live in Michigan?

Diana said...

Sue didnt need gadgets to make her life stimulating. She had all she needed right in her nogging. She never lacked for conversation or input on waht was going on in her community. She could out do any sports commentator on stats and info when it came to "her boys" the fighting irish. She relished life. She will be sorely missed.