Friday, July 31, 2009


My blue jeans, age three, died today, July 31, 2009, in Palominas of natural causes.

Mr. Blue Jeans was born October 3, 2005 at the Levi Strauss Company in Beijing China, of multiple denim sources, rivets and various blue dyes. He was packaged and shipped to the United States, where I purchased them at (of course) my local Target store.

Mr. Jeans had been involved in multiple paint jobs, horse training, long drives and blog composing. His color gradually faded from dark blue to the lightest possible blue, even after being washed reliably in only the cold water cycle.

Yesterday, an obvious worn patch was noticed when a portion of my leg became completely exposed to view, and today, tragically, Mr. Jeans was caught on a wire fence and torn terminally on the left side.

Mr. Jeans is being laid to rest this evening in the outside trash container, and will be conveyed to the landfill on Tuesday, our next scheduled trash pick-up day.

Condolences and any expressions of chocolate may be sent directly to this blogsite.


Annette said...

Sorry for your loss. Those jeans lived not in vain.