Sunday, August 2, 2009


As a significant of number of other human beings, I have a way of hanging onto my opinion even after I have discovered that I am completely wrong, just for appearance's sake.

I have maintained for years that DVDs should be released and viewed in 'wide-screen' format and only wide-screen format, my argument being that the direction had obviously taken filmed it in that format.

I am now ready to conceded that I have been mistaken.

Our newer satellite hook-up was (obviously) allowing access for the first few days to Encore, HBO etc. premium channels.

And I watched "Pride and Prejudice" one of those afternoons (not the BBC one, the one with Keira Knightly) in FULL-SCREEN format.

It's better.

And partially, I am certain, because my aging eyes are not seeing as much, so with this on full-screen, it was BIGGER and I could SEE more details.

Age brings wisdom - or aging admits defeat - or oncoming dementia leads to.... wait a minute, what were we talking about here?