Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I get nostalgic about odd things.

I find the distinct smell of a doctor's office extremely reassuring... probably because my mom worked for several physicians.

I honestly do love those horribly ugly 60's and 70's 'art-deco' buildings - those were new while I was growing up.

The feeling of your skin when you have gotten too much sun - the 'almost-burned-but-not-quite' tightness, almost tautness of your arms and face (admittedly, I am very lucky - I very rarely have had sunburns which actually hurt) from either being at the beach or the pool too long, and you are dehydrated in very way possible.

And I have been homesick for Hawaii for years and years... in fact, since December 1991, when I left last time.

So tonight watching "Lost" reruns and being fully aware that the Pacific Ocean (well, the water in Pearl Harbor, but that's close enough) was literally 50 yards away....

Ah. Back home again.