Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Most of us spend a great deal of time in the past; what happened, what could have happened, and why did it happen.

And then we get lost in the future - what if this doesn't happen, how could I possible deal with this, and the ultimate the world will simply END if THIS does/doesn't occur.

So very little time is spent in the present, thinking about exactly where we are, what we are experiencing, and how grateful we should be for just that.

I have just begun a book about a young boy being forced to become a revolutionary solider in Sierra Leona.

So this evening I am especially thankful for living in a free country, staying in a home with running water and food, and the wonderful feeling of safety.

But I am not worrying about a possible future with war-time conditions - I am not looking back to what I should have done to prepare for something like that - I am just sitting here savouring the taste of my Diet Coke, listening to Kate sing nonsensical songs to herself, feeling a cool breeze on my left arm, and spouting nonsense on my blog.

Life is good.


Annette said...

Never hurts to count one's blessings...we have so many! Thanks for this post. Enjoy those grandkids!!