Monday, September 28, 2009


How can simply sitting be so exhausting?

It has been shown that while moving around, we assume a fairly upright posture. But when we sit and relax, the head and neck slowly protrude, because the muscles that support them get tired. As the muscles tire, they relax, and we get what is called "protruded head posture."

When this is maintained long enough (say a seven hour flight from Honolulu to Phoenix), it causes overstretching of the ligaments.

Okay, our physiology lesson for the day is over.

So after 'just sitting' all snug in my flight, visions of soft

bedding and multiple large pillows danced in my head, contrasting violently with the haunting reality of a four+ hour drive home from the airport.

Guess which one won?

And I didn't care about thread count, I didn't care about the free breakfast (stale bagels, weak coffee and juice), I didn't even care about how many stars the hotel has on its Expedia review.

All I cared that it was there - it was clean - and it was soft.