Thursday, November 26, 2009


Phobias are, by definition, irrational.

I have acrophbia (fear of heights), and pteridophobia (fear of ferns), and hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia(fear of long words), (and yes, I am kidding about the last two).

Again, they don't have to be reasonable in any way, shape of form, but often originate from a bad experience with the thing that becomes the phobia (I'm certain that can be stated better, but I'm in a hurry tonight - it's getting late).

I think it's interesting that a lot of phobias seem to be hereditary - genetic, or simply learned?

But back to the story.

My husband suffers from dentophobia - fear of dentists - from a bad experience with one when he was little (stupid DDS or DMD or BDent or more likely some "Medical Degree By Mail") who slapped him).

So... maybe it really isn't a phobia

And for years, he has been literally letting his teeth rot away.

It finally got painful enough (three broken molars and 80 lbs. lighten... hmm... this could possible be marketed as another diet plan... see my other blog later tonight....) that he agreed to see a dentist.

Who then referred him quickly to an oral surgeon.

Who then scheduled the removal of the tooth in the worse shape on (wait for it) THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING.

I mean, really.