Tuesday, January 12, 2010


One great thing about getting older is that hopefully I have learned something from all the mistakes I have made.

And recognized that a lot of mistakes can't be undone or changed and you have to learn to live with them.
But today I really tried to take time to do the following:
- Walked both dogs until they wanted to turn around.

- Spent probably ten minutes total rubbing my horses' bellies (they both love it, don't ask me why).

- Washed all my bedding not because it needed to be done but because I wanted a fresher smelling bed tonight.

- Lay down on the floor and scratched my dog's stomach until he actually was fully satisfied.

- And then, of course, spent double that time spending attention to my cat so he wouldn't be jealous.

- Talked on the phone with my middle/difficult child until she begged to get off to watch a Star Trek: The Next Generation rerun on television.

- Listened to my borderline suicidal husband without offering any advice or counsel or becoming at all frightened.

It was nice. I need to do this more often.