Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I had quite forgotten how much I enjoy copy machines.

Our church has two copiers I can use for free, but I no longer have the code for either one, so I have to go through the librarians... which creates two major problems:

1) You can only request 15+ copies only on certain weekday evenings.

2) You have to give your orignals to the librarian to make the copies.

I do not normally think of myself as a control person, but man, when it comes to making copies, I AM.

I want to fill the copy paper - I have to check the toner amount - I will print ten 'trials' just to make certain it is set just so - and I MUST punch in the 1 to 2 sided or 2 to 1 sided or staple commands, or I will go MAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!


So today I went to Staples, paid for the copier's use, and spent probably twenty minutes happily mixing colors of pastel paper, copying four originals to two double-sided, and just feeling pleased as punch how nicely they came out.

Are there any support groups out there for this sort of thing?