Sunday, March 21, 2010


The word, antidisestablishmentarism, was taught to me at an extrememly young age by my older brother as the longest word in the English dictionary.

It has since been superceded by pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

But one of my favorite all time words is anthropomorphic, meaning ascribing human characteristics to animals and/or objects.
This descibed my actions perfectionally.
Every car I have owned has been given a name, and has had a personality. I have had Charlie (whose real name was Charlene, but she was sort of a tomboy, and hated being called that) - The Blue Goose (VW van - guess which color) - Grey Ghost (an extremely reliable Honda that was traded in for a new car by accident - I meant for them to take my husband's red Honda instead of mine) - and most recently my pickup, Blanca.

Today driving my new (new to be,albeit a used vehicle) Ford Ranger 2003 Extended Cab home, her name was obvious.
It's the first automatic transmission I have had in years and years and years - the tag on it says it's green, although I think that is a stretch of some male imagination (it's a beyond grey dark but not black) - and the interior is almost EXACTLY the same as my now-demolished Mazda pickup.
I feel almost as though I have Blanca back - does anyone know of a word that combines  anthropomorphicism and reincarnation (Google only comes up with a link to, so your guess is as good as mine).