Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Numerology puts meaning with certain numbers, combinations, and/or sequence.

And don't we all?

13 is lucky for me - I was born on it.

6 and 12 are good numbers - I guess just because they are friendly.

7 and 9 are mean - I mean,  just look at them!

I like 21 because it is so lonely.

I was so excited to find our granddaughter, just like me, will wait and watch for a digital clock to go from 5:51 to 5:55. And we only like sequences like that - 1:23 or such mean nothing.

This entire post began because yesterday I posted my 666th blog entry.

And I don't believe it is the "sign of the beast" or satanic - it's just some buddies hanging out together under the streetlight.

So are there any numbers that mean something to you? And why didn't they explain what the numbers in "Lost" signified in the very last show?!!