Sunday, June 27, 2010

A friend posted the following on-line today:

"There are lots of injustices in the world. We must have faith to realize that one day justice will prevail and all we suffered will be made up to us ten-fold. In the meantime...patience."

I beg to differ.

All that we suffer in this world will not be "made-up" to us - in the next world, it simply won't matter.

Somehow the image of suffering 'patiently' the prejudices, the unfairness, the sheer wrong  which occurs again and again in this mortal sphere...

...all for "I'm gonna get payback for this TEN TIMES!" just seems... well, WRONG.

This corporeal reality is a test - and it's only a test.

It's not a balance sheet, with our good deeds and everyone else's bad deeds on a set of scales.

It's not a check-list of "well, I did this good thing, and then this one... and then I got one negative...."

It's a test.

We are all asked to do the best with what we have. Some people get major handicaps - some seem to get every possible advantage - but most of us muddle around the middle somewhere.

And we try - that really that is all we are commanded to do.

The atonement of Jesus Christ makes up the difference.

And not just for "us" (whoever you think "us" is) - the atonement is for every single human beings.

It's for the ones that checked off everything on their list -- because they could.

But it's also for those that couldn't check off a single one -- because they couldn't.