Saturday, June 12, 2010


Several rather obvious points which have popped up in the last few days:

-- My horse, Najale, will do almost ANYthing for either food or to get his stomach scratched. He will submit to flapping plastic bags, ropes whistling around his eyes, and/or food being dangled in front of his nose as long as he is CERTAIN that he WILL be rewarded. And trust me, when you weigh 1,200 lbs. or so, you generally DO get your reward.

-- Temperature is always relative. Today I was wearing a sweatshirt because it was ONLY in the low 90's. And my daughter posted photos of my two grandchildren wearing long-sleeves in San Diego in June - after Hawaii, any place on the mainland is cold.

-- There is a verifiable section on the Y chromosome which specifically blocks any male human from understanding the word "clean." A Facebook friend was posting today about her two sons never comprehending what mom could possibly mean by saying 'clean up!', and although my husband and son did their very best in 'cleaning' the house for my return, I am still, one week later, trying to undo the damage that they inflicted in that process.

-- The Internet is addictive, dangerous, and evil. I spent most of my time at my daughter's OFF the computer (when you are wrestling with someone who 1) owns the computer, 2) runs her profession from the computer, and 3) is a whole more stubborn that you are, you end up doing what THEY want), so I am jumping in with a bit of reckless abandon. So I am forcing myself to keep the computer OFF for at least 5-6 hours each day...

Man, is it tough.


Annette said...

Ha! Loved your post. Summer in Rapid City is like early spring in St. George. I love it! Post pics of Najale! It would be fun to see.