Monday, June 7, 2010


What do you get when you leave two men alone in a house for six weeks?

1. A dishwasher which has been loaded by one person, assumed by the other person to have been put through the wash cycle and cleaned --  and so then unloaded all the dirty dishes and put them away... repeatedly. So every single pot, pan and dish used while I was gone is put neatly away in the cupboards... filthy.

2. The filter for the dryer has six weeks of lint, fiber, animal hair and the odd gum wrapper - approximately seven inches worth.

3. The vacuum cleaner was used at least once to clear the main walking paths in the living areas (probably an hour or so before my plane landed), but the canister had never been emptied. So today before anything could actually be vacuumed, I was forced to dismantle and wash all three filters, air dry, and then reassembled.

4. The poor cat's litter box had probably been cleaned once... or perhaps twice. It's a good thing that he is such a long-suffering feline who will put up with such circumstances.

However, every instance of a dog or cat having, er, shall we say stomach discomfort, was left pure and pristine to both dry in horrid clumps in random corners and to permanently stain the carpet.

Laundry was washed... just then left in piles on top of the dryer.

Food was consumed... evidenced by the crock pots now being a irreversible reddish-brown tint to the white porcelain.

And all animals were fat, healthy and happy... of course, only after the greyhound had an abscessed tooth removed, and the vet's hefty dental bill left conveniently on my desk for payment.

What, ME sound disgruntled?!