Thursday, July 8, 2010


Is it just me getting older, or did 2010 just fly in and swoop out and HALF OF THE YEAR is already gone?

Wasn't Obama just elected, and wasn't there just an ENTIRE PRESIDENTIAL RACE which very very carefully avoided terms like black and race and womens' monthly hormonal craziness and candidates age?

Didn't we all just get our knickers twisted because the year 2000 was going to make EVERY COMPUTER IN THE WORLD crash and destroy civilization as we know it?

I like 2010 - it's only two pen strokes for a date (as compared to year 1944 - that's 6 strokes - hey, I am talking about efficiency here, and it's a recession, so pay attention) - and it's enough of a year name to make sense. It gets confusing with '09, '08... and you can't just say "9", because that makes no sense - but ten, hey, that just rolls off the tongue.

Is there any way we can either tack another six months on, or just forget about 2011?