Saturday, August 28, 2010


(I mentioned this on my Facebook page, but I need to expand it a little - hence today's entry.)

We fall in love with movie stars... because we don't have to deal with their habit of eating pickles in bed.

George Cloonley is gorgeous on film... but in real life he's shorter than I am, and used to have a pet pig (I really really really do not like pigs other than served in a BLT).

Hugh Laurie, the actor that plays "House", actually is a lot like Dr. House - (but at least he really IS 6'2").

And I will continue to drool over John Krasinski even when I am embarrassed to admit he is one month younger than my daughter.

But it may be a particular movie - just one scene - that will always get you wobbly inside. There may a song - from college, a date, that one night.

But for years and years and years, that same wash of emotions crashes over you when ever you hear or see it.

Okay, so here is my confession - the logo for Caravan Pictures (a now-defunct section of Disney), in the opening credits of "While You Were Sleeping" (which I have watched 3,422 times, so it has been ingrained into what little itty bitty part I still have left of my brain), the Walking Man.

I'm in love with this guy, what can I say? I guess it's the style of his walk - the confidence - it is just SEXY.

And the other one is even weirder (yeah, Hope, what could be odder than you longing after a movie logo?), but both of you will understand (when you look up "odd and strange" in the encyclopedia, my photograph is right there staring back at you).

Harmony introduced me to the ethereal wonder (or alternate reality) of Sandra Boynton's music, and one in particular - "The Intermission Song!" by the Aardvarks, which is on the Philadelphia Chickens album (I swear that all this is true, I am not making all of this up).

There is an spoken... interlude, might be the nicest way to explain it when the Aardvarks are conferring about what aardvarks do say... well, there is a guy in the background of these voices who says, "I don't know either" at exactly1:19 of the recording....

Well, sorry, someday I am going to meet this voice, and rainbows will shine and angels will sing praises. I have no idea what it IS about this voice, but man, is it THERE.

The mental institution up in Benson opens at 9 a.m. tomorrow, okay? I'll be ready, I promise.