Friday, August 13, 2010


There are some things that are just odd - strange - peculiar .

-- Men and women trying to live together - that is simply impossible, but we keep trying to do it.

-- High heels. I mean, I understand making your legs looking longer, but WHY has that become a cultural icon? It's STUPID.

-- And while on the subject, nylons - cover your legs with something that is DESIGNED to only last a couple of wearings.

But when I read about a using a neti-pot to treat sinus infections... I could not get one image out of my mind (and this is only for you die-hard "The Office" fans) - Dwight explaining, as he tips Jim's Secret Santa gift to Pam, a teal tea-pot, up into his nostril, about using it to treat his sinus infections.


However, I did not allow this distasteful scene to stop me - researched (translates into "puts words in Google) more, and actually purchased one.

And it is amazing. Although also utterly gross.

My nose still is bothering me - but you would not believe the crap that got flushed out.

Really. You wouldn't believe it.

(And now I got that image in your head, don't I?)