Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I can't keep this to myself - this email was to prove that I was still alive and breathing at the end of the day to my family members:


Yesterday (Monday) wasn’t a bad day - there are a lot of really good things that I happened.

However, the number of HORRIBLE things that have appeared out of NOWHERE balance the scale quite nicely.

Please allow me to tell the story.

GOOD THING: Had a doctor’s appointment first thing in the morning at 8:00 a.m. - so I was certain I would be in and out quickly for once - YES.

BAD THING: For reasons completely unknown, about 2/3rds of the way to this appointment, I suddenly had to pull the truck over to vomit quite unexpectedly and copiously into an empty paper sack which (thank goodness) on the floor and I had time to grab. Have not a clue why.

GOOD THING: Got home and had time to take the dogs outside and talk to the horses a little when I first got back.

BAD THING: Delilah, our greyhound, occasionally wanders off by herself. But greyhounds are programmed to go IN ONE DIRECTION, and have a great deal of trouble reversing, backing up, turning around.

I gave her ten minutes, and began walking, yelling out her name. Another five minutes. Took the truck, leaning out the window and calling her as I drove every road within a mile of our home. Then two miles.

Now, Delilah was wearing a bright red cover-sort-of-thing to help her when it’s cold - so she should have been easy to spot as well as warm. But this morning, it was around 49 degrees. Not all that cold, unless you are a greyhound that has less than 2% body fat.

So now I am seriously worried about her.

I begin stopping at houses, describing her outfit, asking them to call me, and just beginning to panic that I have lost my husband’s dog.

GOOD THING: One advantage to living in the middle of nowhere - you get to know your neighbors quickly out of necessity. So there was a car I didn’t recognize pulling out of a house that has been empty for a while.

I rolled down my window and started to launch my “If you see a greyhound…” They answered back immediately, “And is she wearing a red jacket-thing?” “YES!” “And is her name Delilah?” By then, I was out of the truck and gathering her up in my arms. Whew. They were driving to our address which is on her tags.

GOOD THING: With the help of my great neighbor, Cherie, safely transported five horses to her house and mine - one of them a sweet little baby colt named Roo.

BAD THING: My mare, Sally, was almost immediately set upon by the new alpha mare, Triple A (stands for “Always An Angel”) and put in her proper place. Sally wasn’t hurt physical… just her pride.

GOOD THING: I sat for probably an hour and watched the three girls work out their social status, without Najale to bother them.

BAD THING: But Najale, my gelding, was racing back and forth in the corral, watching all of this social adjustment, and getting himself literally into lather. To share his excitement, he kept running over to me to exclaim “WHAT THE @%#^#&* IS GOING ON WITH THESE GIRLS!!?”, and in one of this dashes, slammed his hard head right into mine.

For those of you who don’t know me, this is the same side of my head which was fractured back in 1976, to the point where I was brain-dead for eleven days. The side of my head which I am never, ever, supposed to get hit again. I sat and saw stars for a few minutes, but was fine about that.

GOOD THING: My friends Kate and Cherie got to know each other much better.

BAD THING: But in the midst of this warm camaraderie, Kate suddenly yelled to me, “CAN YOU DRIVE ME HOW RIGHT THIS INSTANT!??” She had gotten a phone call from her neighbor that her (Kate’s) husband has cut off his thumb.

She and I jumped into the truck and took off, but I assumed that it probably was just a bad cut. However, the paramedics were en route, Kate was terrified, and so I stepped on it.

GOOD THING: My truck can - and did - reach 95 mph on the paved road. I did not race into any speed traps. My truck can also corner at high speeds much better than that I thought possible.

BAD THING: When we got to Kate’s home, they had already called for a helicopter to medivac him to Tucson because, yes, Dave had completely and painfully cut off his entire thumb, bone and all, below the knuckle.

GOOD THING: A helicopter can land on the corner of Hereford and Palomino Road safely. By then Dave had an IV going, had received enough pain killer to be real spacey and out of it, so was loaded quickly to be flown to the hospital.

BAD THING: They were unable to re-attach his thumb; it was too ragged a cut.

GOOD THING: I got safely home.

BAD THING: But first look in the mirror confirmed that I had gotten a BAD sunburn on my face (the rest of me was covered by three layered shirts and two sweatshirts - really). Next to an amputated thumb, it shouldn’t have been much, but I looked like an over-ripe cherry.

GOOD THING: Harmony years and years ago had enlightened me to the magic of Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion, which can turn anything but a third degree burn into a nice tan.

GOOD THING: And the horses were getting along better.

BAD THING: However, by the time I finally released Najale to join the girls, he was hoarse (no pun intended), sore, and was having difficulty simply walking.

HORRIBLE THING: And Cherie had asked one of her kids to ‘put the dogs back’ while we were unloading horses. But inside of the outside kennel, the child put the two large, aggressive dogs inside the house - and they killed Cherie’s cat. A sweet orange kitty that she had videoed playing with the Christmas tree and put it on Facebook.

GOOD THING: Last thing at night, I went out to give the horses some treats and be certain they hadn’t killed each other or broken out en mass.

BAD THING: Najale, for the second time only, bit my finger by accident - he thought that Josephine was trying to get the treat first, and snapped at her… but got my finger instead.

I  do still have my finger... but it looks like it got bit... by a horse.


McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

What an insanely crazy, intense and emotionally draining day!!!! OUt of all the fingers to loose a thumb would be my greatest nightmare because that is the most vital finger of them all! Hope he is feeling better!

PS jealous about the horses! It is my dream to own one one day!