Friday, April 25, 2008


I realized today why I am struggling against my church calling. I have had to re-create the entire sacrament meeting bulletin from scratch due to the unexpected demise of my computer (please see the obituary in a previous post).

And it suddenly occurred to me (yes, I am a bit slow) that after struggling for months to get the correct, most readable format and layout (this after many nights arm-wrestling with Print Shop graphics... and losing... BADLY), now that I have it all set up - I'm kinda bored with it.

However, our congregation is not fond of varying styles every week. Since we have three wards that meet in one building, there is already enough 'wait, is this our bulletin or the other ward's?" I am not the only one who finds comfort in familiar surroundings, people, hymnals - and for many, the bulletin seems to be one of those well-known customs.

So as much as I would love to insert subtle jokes (Hymn 146: Gently Raise the Sacred Screams - Bro. Richardson, First Comforter - Closing Prayer by Ima Pig), I don't think it would be favorably received.

I am just going to have to satisfy my creative urges by changing background colors (although they will be copied into black & white), fonts (it is amazing how different letterings can communicate), and perhaps slight modifications of... do you think I could get away with subliminal messages like "EAT POPCORN FOR DINNER"?

We will just have to do a survery next week of what people have this Sunday for dinner, right?