Saturday, April 26, 2008


Isn't that a cool word, 'thwarted'? Sounds like a group of short people with a nose wart; or maybe a rare type of root found only on islands that begin with the letter "Q" on the third Thursday in March... after 11:00 a.m.

I somehow had the distant image in the back of my mind (I really need to clean back there; it's getting so I can't get through a thought without stumbling over memories or crushed packages of Herr's Potato Chips) of taking some striking but candid shots of my dog and cat sleeping. Since after 7 p.m., both of them crash on the floor right around my computer, ready to be tripped over by me, but I, of course like all mothers everything, think they are simply adorable. Tonight especially I wanted to share all this beauty and feline/canine camaraderie via the Internet/blog.

However, I have discovered that whatever Cannon software that was on my old computer is NOT on my new computer. After wandering to numerous website discussing downloading drivers (that's what I am when I get behind the wheel of my truck, right?) and purchasing programs... I'm almost frightened to read my email right now.

So imagine in your head a soft, slightly blurred photo of a German Shepherd/Border Collie curled up right next to an extremely long-haired tabby with white socks (I mean, white around his paws - we've tried real socks, and he hates them - and nylons just run every time). With perfect north-facing window lighting on that same third Thursday in March.

Sigh... aren't they just soo cute?