Monday, April 21, 2008


I have a bad case of Juno-soundtrack-on-my-mind - and I just adore some of lyrics. Especially since so many of them sound like a high-school kid wrote them. They, like the movie, are just CUTE.

Since I am such a creature of habit, it is painful for me, literally, to have to deal with a completely new computer. All my shortcuts and personalized actions and set-ups are GONE with the old CPU, as well as all my templates, graphics, clip-art... it is like an old friend has died.

Well, it hasn't actually died, I guess, it is sitting on the table next to me, and according to my new HP manual, some things can be transferred over. And then I am giving it to my second daughter with a bit of a caveat; she is a good typist, and I am going to pay her to get my dad's book in electronic format so I can (finally) get it published.

So, in honor of my computer:

Hope's CPU passed away on Saturday, April 19th, at home surrounded by it's friends and family, following a long struggle with graphic overload and the electronic-version of Alzheimer's. It is survived by it's monitor, printer, rickety cheap wooden table, and numerous cables. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Computer Addicts Anonymous (CAA) on-line at