Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A Catholic friend/neighbor whose daughter converted to the LDS church didn't speak to her for a couple of years.
My brother and I were never able to discuss any spiritual matters until he became a Buddhist.
The so-called 'suicide-bombers' ('homicide-bombers' seems more appropriate) kill themselves as an act of devotion to God. And yet we all hold the same belief; love God and treat others as He (or She, to some people) would.
Yes, I know, I still believe everyone can hold hands around a campfire, sing "Kumbiya" (sp?) and (perhaps most importantly) make s'mores. I do understand what separates us (there is more than one reason, yes), but this entire thread of thought was prompted by an old re-run of 'Enterprise' on the boob tube last night about a civilization that had been at war for centuries over a theological argument about how many days it had taken God to create their world (nine vs. ten).
Come on, people, aren't we smarter than this?


Harmony said...

Wow, deep spritual thoughts. I think that w....heeey, a new background? Neato!